About Me

That's us!Hi, my name is Angela and I'm a Dutch local. I was born and raised in Schiedam, a city since A.D. 1275 , and nowadays part of the Rotterdam metropolitan area. Schiedam is of course famous for its jenever (gin), like Ketel 1, but also for its old windmills, which are the tallest in the world. I have studied, worked, and lived in Leiden, Den Haag (The Hague) and Amsterdam, respectively. So, logically, those are the cities I know best. I've lived in Almere for 9 years now. In my view this new city - located in a former sea! - is both beautiful and fascinating. The first settlers arrived in 1976 and the number of inhabitants has been increasing ever since (at the moment Almere has 180.000 inhabitants, most of them coming from Amsterdam originally). In addition, Almere is located in the 12th and youngest province of Holland, called Flevoland. This entire province was created after the former Zuiderzee (Southern Sea) was reclaimed (during the 20th century). I think this short history is very intriguing. Besides, the results include some amazing modern architecture, endless bicycle lanes, new forests, and beautiful scenery!

With this website I hope to provide some useful advice, ideas and information about places in Holland which I personally find worth a visit. These include places that I have visited myself exclusively. Hence, this selection reflects a completely subjective choice and opinion. I hope this website will offer you some nice suggestions about places to visit, which you wouldn't have found otherwise; thus making your trip to Holland an even better experience!