About this Website

Wooden ShoesThe idea of making this website originates from 2009, when I stumbled on a website by Austrian local, Benedikt Mandl, called TourMyCountry.Com, while I was planning a holiday to Austria. Finally, I had found a website full of useful information by a local resident, offering me plenty of ideas to complete my plan. The fact that we never came to fly to Vienna, thanks to the bankruptcy of SkyEurope, is a minor detail... More importantly, I'd been inspired to make a website about my own country, The Netherlands, following a similar approach. Just like TourMyCountry.Com the purpose of DutchLocal.Com is to provide information and suggestions about places to visit in Holland. 100% Subjective, yes! But also with honest intentions. This means that this website will hopefully prevent you from wasting your money, like - for example - grown-up tourists tend to do when they visit the Nemo 'Science Center' (which REALLY is meant for children) or buying your 'stroopwafels' in a touristic town like Volendam instead of in any supermarket anywhere in Holland. Moreover, as a Dutch local I'm sure I will tell you about interesting places that are not mentioned by regular tourist guides (actually, I'm shocked by the fact that the websites of some of these great attractions are not even availbale in English!). Another purpose of this website is to show you that Holland has more to offer than tulips, cheese, wooden shoes and wind mills (but don't worry! I will tell you which are the best places to 'admire' them, because I know that some of you just love this typical image of my country). However, I don't want to shower you with information and tips. Therefore I have made a limited amount of categories (Cities, Towns & Villages, Museums etc.), filling each with 10 tips at most! I hope this website is useful; feel free to let me know!