Walibi World in Biddinghuizen

Walibi World - Speed of SoundFor sure Walibi World is a must for everyone who loves rollercoasters. This attraction park in the province of Flevoland boasts more than 40 attractions, including 5 sensational roller coasters.  


Other thrilling attractions are Space Shot (by which you are launched to a height of 60 metres), Excalibur, G-Force, and The Tomahawk. This park however is also amusing for small children and people who don't like being launched or hung upside down. Walibi World also boasts a 45-metre high Ferris wheel, which offers a great view over the park and its surroundings, swirling Sombreros, a pirate ship, and shows. There are numerous places where you can eat all across the amusement park.


It's worthwhile to buy entrance tickets online, because those are cheaper. For this, as well as to read more about Walibi World, you should check their website: http://www.walibi.com/holland/nl-en